Analysis Report of Crude Oil Recovery Enhancement Using Apollo Greenzyme® Dongxin Technical Institute, Third Gathering Station., Oil well Yung-8-52 Shengli Oilfield, China (Production data and results updated to November 15, 2001) Effectiveness and application analysis using Apollo Greenzyme® Apollo Separation Technologies Inc developed Apollo Greenzyme®, a new type of highly effective biological oil well unclogging agent. In recent years, several foreign oil companies have tried to use this type of bio-enzyme to increase crude oil production, but in our nation, to use this new type of bio-enzyme to enhance oil production is still a blank page. With introduction from Haichenxi Environment Protection & Technology Development Company of Beijing, together we worked with the technical personnel from Apollo Separation Technologies Inc in the month of July, we started our first unclogging oil well test work in Dongxin 3rd oil-gathering station, we have achieved outstanding end results. According to introduction, Greenzyme® is a protein based non-living biological agent. It has a higher hydrocarbon oil- releasing capability from any solid surfaces. According to these particular characteristics, we chose Yung-8-52 oil well, and applied Greenzyme® to test its effectiveness. Early stage results immediately after application of Greenzyme® showed:  total daily fluid output : 17.7 m3, daily oil output : 16.9 m3 , water content : 6%, dynamic fluid level : 412 m, the effect of Apollo Greenzyme® to unclog this oil well  was very obvious. This speaks for itself that Greenzyme® has excellent effect to unclog heavy crude oil well for production enhancement.  1) Well history On January 12 through 20, 2001, well was gravel-packed for sand control. Pumped 4t BHS sand-control chemical, 20 square thin-film expanding chemical 30 m3 to oil-sand layers, pumping pressure started from 18 Mpa and dropped to 12 Mpa. Lowered D44 long cylindrical pump, pump depth was 1604 m, production pump stroke was 6 m * 1.8 times. Total production lasted only 23 days, ending in insufficient fluid flow. On March 8 through 14, 2001, pulled out the pump and screen, did pump inspection, pumped 40 m3 BHS oil well unclogging chemicals; on April 12 through 17, 2001, did pump inspection and sand detection. Pumped in 30 m3 of demulsifying chemicals. Production went on for 55 days, on June 13, production was stopped due to insufficiency of total fluid flow. Total cumulative production was 403 tons of oil, 780 tons total fluid. Reservoir characterization: Basic data for this oil well: 2) Well production history before applying Apollo Greenzyme® Table 1. Greenzyme® Application  Reasons why we had previously used unclogging chemicals in this well (before Greenzyme®) After applying gravel-pack for sand control on Yung-8-25 well, continuous oil production lasted for only 23 days, initial total daily fluid production reached a maximum of 17.6 m3/d, maximum daily oil production reached 8.0 ton/d, water content was 54.7% level. However production soon decreased rapidly, and this well was completely shut-off due to insufficient daily fluid flow. We believed, the main reason this well could not perform normally was due to the high viscosity of the crude oil, this oil had low flow mobility, easily plugged up flow channels in the formation. In addition, this well also leaked out fine sands, mixing together with this crude oil, the mixtures adhered to both the perforation holes and the near vicinity of the formation. Although initially, this well had experienced higher fluid production, as soon as both the perforation holes and vicinity were plugging-up, crude oil mobility resistance had also increased, causing insufficient fluid flow, which in turn significantly dropped the daily total fluid production.  To find a solution to this problem later on, although we applied viscosity-lowering chemicals to this well, we had not solved the fundamental problem here, which was caused by the mixing of this thick crude with sand and the plugging of the perforation holes in the formation. For this reason, this well had never performed under normal oil production. Biological enzyme injection has one big characteristic and advantage in this application, it can liberate crude oil from the sand and without consuming itself in the process, thus lowering crude-oil mobility resistance, increasing the pay zone formation to supply more oil to increase total production. 6) Procedures for Greenzyme® applications July 19, 2001 Time : 10:50 AM Fed 4 m 3  of diesel to well, no pump pressure needed, the formation sucked in the diesel under vacuum. Time: 10:55 AM   (10% strength Apollo Greenzyme®) Started pumping 8 m 3  into well, using a triplex feed-pump. Pumping pressure started to rise from 0 Mpa to 14 Mpa, then we shifted to a higher pump gear to raise the pressure from 16 Mpa to 17 Mpa. Time: 11:20 AM Pressure indicator suddenly dropped to 10 Mpa, after a few minutes of time, pumping pressure restored back to 17 Mpa, and remained stable there. Time: 11:27 AM Finished pumping all Apollo Greenzyme®, pressure indicator stayed steady at 16 Mpa. Time: 11:30 AM Pumped another 6 m 3  of diesel, pressure remained stable at 16 Mpa. Time: 12:00 noon All Apollo Greenzyme® injection work had been completed. Top of this well was capped for underground bio-reaction. July 26, 2001 Lowered into well the production pump, the long cylindrical D44 pump, to 1,600 m depth, pump type D44*6*1.8, theoretical production capacity was 23.6 m 3  /d. 7) Well production treatment data after using Greenzyme® Table 2. 8) Performance comparison Table 3. Before and after application of Greenzyme® Note: Data from June 6 until well shut-off Conclusion 1) After application of Greenzyme® to this well, we can see a significant increase in total daily fluid production. Previously we have to shut-off this well due to insufficient fluid flow before applying Greenzyme®. Right now we have achieved a stable and steady fluid flow of over 23+ m3 day, this is a significant increase in production, which indicates the highly effectiveness of using Apollo Greenzyme®. 2) Water content in crude oil was over 15% before application of Greenzyme®, however after application of Greenzyme®, current water content is a stable 6%, a significant drop. 3) The operating procedures using Greenzyme®  to unclog oil well are quite simple; there is no environmental contamination problem
Reservoir  Name     Oil Interval     Perforation  Interval     Perforation  Thickness     Sha 2 - 74       1894  - 1993       1894 - 1989     5.0 m Date First  Production       PBTD     Cement Top       Casing Size       Jan 2001       2084.9 m     1180 m       139.7*7.72     Oil Interval  Thickness     Perforation Gun  Type     Asphaltene  Content       Perforation  Density       4.45 m     102       0.46%         20 holes/m     Oil Viscosity       Oil Density     Wax Content       11281 mPa.s     0.9539       39.85% Date     Pump  Type     Daily    Total Fluid    t/d       Daily Oil  Production   t/d     Water  Content   %     Dynamic  Fluid Level   m         Remark     Feb 3       D44*6*1.8     12.6     6.3     50     1288.5       Feb 7       D44*6*1.8     6.0     4.3     29.5     1204.6         Feb 12         D44*6*1.8       5.7       4.0       29       Rod  couldn’t go  down       Apr 24       D44*6*1.8     6.2     4.7     25     1577.1     Insufficient  fluid flow       May 18       D44*6*1.8     9.3     5.8     38     1602     Insufficient  fluid flow       Jun 6       D44*6*1.8     5.3     4.5     16.1     1560     Insufficient  fluid flow       Jun 13       Insufficient fluid flow, stop production     June 18, static fluid level  was 840 m Date   Pump Type     Daily Total  Fluid, m 3       Daily Oil  Productio n, m 3       Water  Content,   %     Dynamic  Fluid Level,  m     Remark     Jul 26       D44*6*1.8     14.6     0     100     665       Jul 27       D44*6*1.8     6     3     50         Jul 28       D44*6*2.2     8.4     6.7     10     412       Jul 29       D44*6*2.2     14     12.6     10         Jul 30       D44*6*2.2     17.7     16.6     6         Jul 31       D44*6*2.2     19     16.86       6     716       Aug 1     D44*6*2.2     19     16.86     6     716       Aug 2     D44*6*2.2     20     18.8     6     718       Aug 3     D44*6*2.2     22     20.68     6     716       Aug 4     D44*6*2.2     23     21.62     6     716 Aug 5 th  -   Nov 15, 2001       Pump Type     Daily Total  Fluid  m 3       Daily Oil  Production 3       Water  Content   %     Dynamic  Fluid Level   m     Remark     D44*6*2.2     Steady at  about 25 m 3  /  day         Steady at  about  23.5   m 3   / day     Steady at  about 6%  daily     Steady at  about 716 m  level       Running at  steady state  production
Total daily fluid  production       Dynamic fluid level:       5.3 m 3   to  25 m 3     1560 m   to  716 m       Total daily oil production       Changes in % water  content  from production       4.5 m 3  /d   to  24 m 3  /d       16.1%   to  6% bto logo Permeability   *10 - 3   u m     Porosity   %     Clay   %       1028     29.7       3.7
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