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Modified Enzyme Flooding Test: Dagang Oilfield Company of CNPC, China. Was conducted on the Gangxi 41-22 block located en the Beidagang structure. The block started development in 2002. A Xi 39-20 well group was chosen for flooding pilot test. In the well group, oil bearing area is 0.15 km2, net pay 7.8 mt average and OOIP about 0.21 million tons. The pilot cover one injector and six producers. Data from producers indicated: One pay zone available Produccion: 140.9 bbl/d at water cut 62.4% average, before test. The injection was made in two plugs. In first plug half volume of 73 bbl at 4% enzyme concentration and second plug  another half at 6% was injected. The test was executed during August 23, 2006. Among the six beneficial wells, four were responding with remarkably increase oil rate and decreased water cut. Xi 40-20 was the best demonstration, oil production went up from 14.6 bbl/d to 36.5 bbl/d and this performance was quite lasting.
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