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Enzyme Huff and Puff Field Test : Dagang Oilfield Company of CNPC, China. Was conducted on well Ban 62-30 of the Banqiao block.  Crude Oil contains 10,47% wax. The well was put on line in April 2001. Before treatment it was producing 135,9 bbl/d, including 23,4 bbl/d oil. As formation pressure decline and bottom-hole pressure/temperature changed, part of the production zone was plugged by crude components as wax and asphaltene and thus inflow was insufficient. In August 21, 2005 a huff and puff test was performed with 8% enzyme solution. The well was injected first with 62.9 bbl pre-pad, then with 125,8 bbl of 8% enzyme solution and at last with 106,9 bbl after-pad. After shut-down 4 days, this well resumed production. During treatment period, offset producers and injectors continued normal operation. After treatment water cut have dropped from 85% to 54%. Before treatment, oil production was 29,2 bbl/d. After treatment climbed to 77,6 bbl/d. After injected enzyme solution unplugged low permeability layers, oil flow paths were opened and water low was reduced.
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